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A Message from our President

OHYSA Families:

Due to heavy rains experienced last night, and with more expected the rest of the week, our fields and facilities are currently closed, and all games and practices scheduled through September 25, 2014 are canceled.   

The bad news is that the storm brought damage to some of our fields, parking lot and the annex area on the softball side of the complex.  Those affected fields will need removal of dirt and gravel in the outfield and work on infield dirt.  The level of work needed varies field by field, with some needing more work than others.  

The good news is we have seen destruction before. This is NOT destruction. We know what we need to do to fix this damage, which is not as extensive or devastating as what we experienced last year. 

The Board of Directors is moving quickly to access contractors and crews to the facility as soon as their schedules permit.  

This is what we do not need from our community: 
We do not need donations (although none will be rejected). 
We do not need condolences. 
We do not need urgent pleas of panic or desperation. 

This is what we do need from our community: 
We need your help to respond when called. 
We need all hands on deck to clean up debris, and remove rocks and gravel from fields.
We need all the usage of heavy machinery as possible - if you have access to bobcats or similar please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know. 

Last year's devastation trained us well and thankfully we know, that by responding together as a league, we can move quickly and get back on the fields THIS season.  

Notice will be provided soon on field work days and specific ways YOU and YOUR teams can help.  

Let's show all of Austin how the spirit and strength of Oak Hill continues to prosper and that we will never, ever give up on our league and our kids.  

Stephen Bega
OHYSA President

Annual Rules Meeting

Oak Hill Youth Sports Association will hold its annual Rules Meeting on Tuesday, October 14 @ 7PM at Austin Pizza Garden. This meeting is open to all association members. The Board will conduct regular business and then open the floor to proposals to rule changes to the current Blue Book.

Submissions should adhere to these guidelines.





Humidity: 79%
Wind: ESE at 8 mph
71°F / 90°F
Mostly sunny
69°F / 88°F
Mostly sunny
64°F / 86°F


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